Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Joe!
You can read more about him here


Kacy said...

Hugs to you Whit. I had forgotten how handsome he was. He had such an amazing smile. I do remember how much he loved you. I remember thinking how many little bro's would want to sit and chat with their big sister and Joe did that with us many times. I think about him often. I love ya.

LC said...

I thought of Joe yesterday and just smiled a lot. I'm happy I can do that - treasure memories and look forward to seeing him again. But now I can't stop crying after re-reading the posts from September. Oh geez, we love him and miss him so much. I think we should have a fun memory party for his 30th next year. Coolio?
PS: I hope you're out riding a horse or something totally Texan-ish right now!!

LC said...

PS: This is my favorite pic - you know if was taken on his b-day at Alberto's?

Jen Jenkins said...

Hey Whitney, I'm Jen (Barlow) Jenkins - I found your blog through Lindsey's...I was also a member of the "I love Joe" club. I remember filling my journal up with entries about how cute he was all the way up to high school. We had chemistry together our sophmore year and I still had a crush on him. He had the best smile! He was super cute and such a great friend. He had the most genuine heart. I miss him and think about him often.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Happy Birthday Joe. It's a testament to you that your family and friends love you so much.

Whit, you're a love. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...


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