Friday, November 14, 2008


I am grateful for the thought of the weekends. You know how when you were in jr. high, high school and even college and the weekend was just golden? Sleep in, hang out, relax or not. You could just hang on until the weekend. Even pre-child, the weekends were still golden. Time off from work. Now, as a parent, I still look forward to the weekend, although I think it is all psychological because, let's face it, I still am "working". My routine doesn't really change, although we don't have the usual routine for getting to school in the morning, unless there is a soccer game or basketball game. But I do relax a little.

Tonight we went to dinner with our good friends, with kids, which is not relaxing for Dave. But I had had a big day, full of stuff, and even with my kids doing the best they could do (which for Joey at a restaurant is not very good at all) which still involves a bit of chaos, I could sit back a little and chill because it is the weekend. I might have even been a little too chill because Dave told me Caroline was doing headstands on the floor of the dive-y pizza place (did I mention that Caroline can do a true headstand, total yoga perfection, whenever, where ever?) . Yes, I just admitted that for 5 minutes I was one of "those" parents. My apologies. It's the weekend.

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