Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Obvious this should be the focus this month, and every month, so I am going to focus.

Today I am grateful for modern medicine and a doctor that Caroline calls by name. Today she had to get her 4 year well child check. She was enthusiastic about all parts until she got focused.

"Brian (our doctor), are you listening to me?"

"Brian? Brian, I don't want the little sharp thing to go in my legs!"

"Brian, please don't give me a shot!"

"Brian, are you listening to me?"

She had stopped begging me, I had already told her that the shots help keep the big bugs from getting in our body and making us sick. She had already told me that she will just pound her legs and make the bugs leave, or get them out of her ear.

"Brian, tell my mom I don't need them, please!"

Brian, showing me his jack o' lantern he carved (a pic on his iPhone) of the President-Elect (a good carve job, by the way, he got the pattern off of http://www.yeswecarve.com/ or something, for you budding presidential carvers - the good kind not the psycho carvers) said, "Whit, I have to get out of here before she talks me into not ever giving her shots again, she is breaking my heart."

She ended up getting 4 shots (we got her kindergarten one early so that next year there would no shots. She screamed bloody murder, screaming no over and over again, I am sure that the whole waiting room heard her.

I am grateful for a doctor who is tender and gentle with my kids and has his heart breaking at their sincere begging.

Caroline is now home, changed into a skirt and out of tights, so that she can keep checking her glittery bandaids. She realizes that she freaked out without needing to. All is well and hopefully we can keep the big bugs away.

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