Saturday, November 8, 2008

7 Things Tag

Tagged by Tiffany

7 things I can do:

1 - Pinch with my toes
2 - Make a mess
3 - listen to U2
4 - watch good t.v.
5 - make a killer chicken tortilla soup
6 - remember phones numbers
7 - make good gravy

7 things I can't do:

1 - make cookies, even the kind with pre-made cookie dough
2 - de-clutter
3 - balance a check book
4 - be patient
5 - remember where I put things
6 - park my large suv in my garage well
7 - clean toilets

7 things I always say:

1 - I'm sorry, what?
2 - Oh crumb.
3 - Turn off the tv please, NOW!
4 - Caroline, please don't (insert push, hit, pinch, glare at, think about Joey.
5 - I love you more.
6 - Ouch.
7 - Sure Dave, anything you want.

7 things I always eat:

1 - Raisin Bran
2 - Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches
3 - Xocai dark chocolate
4 - sharp cheddar cheese
5 - Diet Coke (this must count, just one a day)
6 - Chips and Salsa
7 - Sharp cheddar cheese

Tagging 7

1 - Paige
2 - Angel
3 - Liz
4 - Katie
5 - Tia
6 - Linds
7 - Mis

Let me know when you do it!!!


Tiffany And Co. said...

We even have the things we always eat in cheddar cheese, DC, PB & H, chips & salsa...haven't tried Xocai dark chocolate...where do you get it?

katie t said...

pinch with your toes???

now that's talent.


k i did mine and it was actually funny to sit and "really" think about these. not just give the usuals....

Kenny said...

You guys are too much alike, this is getting weird. Next thing I'll find out my wife smooched D. Chipman.

Paige said...

Who is D. Chipman? I did it. I completed mine and it was seriously kind of hard.

whitney said...

Kenny, get over D.Chip. So 4th grade! I'm am getting a little freaked out over Tiff though. Paige, I'll fill you on the D. Chip when I see you - big story. Katie, I had to totally dumb down my answers about what I can do, I didn't want to discourage anyone in thinking they could never be as capable as I am.

Miss said...

That was hard. Not even my family could help me answer some of these. Except the "not tonight" that just flew out of his lips.
So sad that I couldn't think of 7 friends that blog. I am pathetic.