Sunday, November 23, 2008


Not that this is hard for me to think of things I am grateful for, it is hard for me to be sincere and not be sarcastic! I should probably do this way more often throughout the year.

I am still sick, so I am really grateful for Tylenol nighttime cold meds. I am also grateful for sweet hugs from the kids, Dave taking care of everything.

But I am super grateful for teeth. I used to bite my nails relentlessly and my mom would bribe me with things to stop. I don't know what got me to stop but I don't bite often anymore. And never nervously. Why I am reminded of this is because Eli has been asking to go to the dentist because he likes the coin machine with prizes that he gets after AND because his teeth are great, never a cavity (knock on wood) or problem. But I did find out that he has two loose teeth smack dab in the middle of the front of the mouth. He said he knew but didn't tell me because of his immense fear of losing his teeth (remember this memorable outburst?). He still won't let me feel. The hygienist thinks it is a matter of weeks before he wants his two front teeth for Christmas. I love his little front teeth, they are perfect little squares, but I will learn to let go. The other day Caroline asked me if her teeth were loose. I told her know and she said good because if they fall out she will scream and cry like Eli did. I had to tell her that it isn't a requirement to freak out, she cocked her head and replied,"Good, I will think about it."

I love the dentist. Maybe it is because until after Eli was born, I had never had a cavity. They throwing up 16 times a day for 21 weeks may have led to my tooth decay, but I am told it is worth it (I know it is worth it!!!). I love the way that my teeth feel all clean and perfect after the dentist. I always notice teeth on others. My cousin Erin quite possibly has the best set I have seen, they are beautiful, lucky girl. Mine do ok, I have had only 2 cavities, no braces and they are still functioning. They are so useful for eating food, breaking off price tags, opening soda bottles, nibbling babies, filling out mouths with a toothy grin, getting money from the tooth fairy, holding on to combs while fixing Caroline's hair - I could go on and on and on. In short, thank goodness for teeth!

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LC said...

I think I will be more nervous for the teeth to come out than Josie will!! You are lucky to have such good teeth - I think all of mine are filled and fixed. Except maybe my two-fronts!