Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kanye West and Rainn Wilson Rap Battle

Dave andI were watching the Emmys on Sunday (Dave would never admit to this, so we will just say he happened in the room while they were on)and this Rainn Wilson and Kanye West lyric competition came on. I don't watch "The Office", I know I am the only person who doesn't AND I cannot stand Kanye - he may be brilliant but he is SO arrogant and feels like he entitled to everything. I saw him perform before U2 a while ago and UGH. Anyway, this segment is so funny, so funny. My favorite line is "you picked the wrong time to speak properly". OK, the whole point to this story is I am watching it with Dave, who isn't watching but just happens to be sitting next to me, and Dave starts singing along! Word for word and then some! Who is this man and how does he know this song? Seriously, I am at a loss. Watch the vid, it is too funny.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Brandon listens to Papa Roach. Who, over the age of 17 who doesn't go to keggers or play football for Hunter High, listens to Papa Roach? Probably Dave!

Paige said...

I love love love the Office!!! And I love this vid. I think Kanye is a spoiled brat, but I like most of his music. Way funny!

Jenny said...

Thanks for this - It hasn't screened in Australia yet so I'm looking forward to seeing it. And in regard to Jess....I could never quite get past his rudeness to Lorelai. I kept thinking he'd redeem himself with her but he never did. I totally get the whole bad boy thing but I get the first love thing even more. (Losing her virginity to Dean was perfect - except for the unfortunate marriage thing!) What do you think of Logan...keeping in mind we haven't seen series 7 yet.