Thursday, September 6, 2007

E's First Day of School - one day later

It's over, he doesn't have another First Day of Kindergarten (at least, he shouldn't!). It went well. Our backdoor neighbors came to ask if we would walk with them, the group of 3 kids turned into 11 by the time we were at the end of our block. E was so excited. C walked us (with D) to the end of the block. She had her backpack packed with the essentials (a pony, some chalk, a car, some hair bands) and had it on. We ran into Parker and Richie (in the picture with E ->), E loves them so that was great. They are big 2nd graders.

We got to the classroom, he knew 1 or 2 kids, but not well. He was a little apprehensive, but then the social butterfly in him kicked in (please let him reign this in before his geography/German teacher kicks him out of class before he even walks in, each day). He sat at a table with Josh (he met him the night before at soccer) and Rex (who, oddly enough, is my good Cori's aunt's son, yep, only in Utah). The parents were all a little hesitant to leave. I left and came back at the appointed hour. Parents were there with their video cameras ready to catch them coming out after their first day of class. I didn't bring my camera to this portion, I wonder what I missed. His teacher called for him (we stand outside the classroom, at the playground and she matches up parent to child) and said "He was ready to go home about an hour ago, said he was a little tired." But he stayed and he was glad. He was a little emotional (he is usually) and pouted about something for about 2 minutes and then we found a friend to walk home with and all was good.

Girly and D were waiting on the corner for us when we got to our block. Girly ran up and hugged him (no photo) and wouldn't let him further than 2 feet away the rest of the way home!

I have to say I was a bit emotional on the walk down, I couldn't really meet my friend's eyes, fearing I would brim over. It was reassuring to see that he was ok, not too apprehensive, more interested and curious. He really does do well in a school setting. He likes the break in monotony, the group of friends around, the opportunity to learn new things. The walk home, I was a complete mess. Trying to not look foolish to anyone who might see me, with my emotions twisting my face.

He came home and wanted to find someone to play with. We went to lunch with my mom and grandma, then went to see my aunt's tree that was blown over the night before. The kids were so sad, there is, was, a swing that they loved to use. All C said was "My tree is broken."

Today he is at a playdate with Josh, who he sat across from yesterday. I am going to pick them both up after J wakes up from his nap. C is missing E, but she starts school soon so that might help. I have probably missed a lot of opportunities to teach him things he should have learned before this day, but I will not get into that mode of thought. He will do great, have a good time, learn a lot academically and socially and hopefully I can be everything else he needs. Or at least point him in the right direction. He is such a great kid.

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Paige said...

He is so brave. I cried so hard the first day of preschool, that my mom didn't make me go til the next year. And Caroline looks so cute in that dress. I love that she loves dresses. Such a girlie girl.