Saturday, September 29, 2007

Heard and Said at My House this Week

J "squeals of joy and excitement"

I had put C's hair into pigtails, hoping that she still didn't hate them.
"No ponytails Mama!"
"Ok, what would you like?"
After putting in two braids,
"Is that perfect?"
C feels them,
"Yes, just like me." This being said as she walks off, not haughtily, just matter-of-factly.

"E, please don't talk to me that way." After telling him he can't have another popsicle or some treat.
"Mama, you need to go to your room."
"Ok, I'll go to my room, you will have to finish the dishes." As I wipe my hands dry.
"You can go to your room after you finish the dishes!"

I realize E is growing up, he likes to be one of the big kids, but he will still put on his zebra socks.

"Hi Coconut!" E says to me as he walks in the door.
"Hi Meatball!" I say back. Don't know where I come up with meatball (oddly enough, this was D' s grandmother's nickname for him when he was young, he was a bit meaty), but E has been calling me Coconut a lot lately, thanks to his pal Josh.

"Mom, you are the best dad." E says with a straight face as D is hugging me, just to see what D's reaction would be.

As D is fake wrestling me I often call to the kids to come and save me. Neither one of them are swayed when D tries to enlist them. E usually uses his head as a battering ram, then wedges himself in between D and I. C rushes in yelling "I rescue you! I rescue you!" and then when I am safe, "Mama, you are safe" and gives D the stink eye while E head rams him some more for good measure, laughing his head off. I take advantage of this game a little too often.

"What in the gosh is taking so long?"
I tell E this doesn't even make sense. He doesn't care.

Lots of huffing and puffing when I get our some jeans for E to wear to school.
"E, it is too chilly, you need to wear pants."
"No, I don't. I can wear shorts, my legs will stay warm." (Which is probably true, since most his shorts are shants - longer than most shorts, shorter than pants)
"E, we are walking to school, you need to wear pants."
He sits down in them, the back gaping a little bit,
"They don't even fit, they are ridiculous!"
This may not read funny, and it wasn't funny at the time, but if you know E, it was funny

C chose this outfit all by herself. D and I had to talk her into not wearing a sleeveless dress (this is the same day as E wearing jeans) and sandals. This is what she had D help her wear. Very stylin' I think. I bought this coat 2 years before I had even thought about having kids (and any thought I had included all boys). I saw it and fell in love with it. Still love it, especially on her.

C on going to our church party, wanting to wear church clothes and D and I saying it was a party not church,
"Oh, my princess party." She put on a purple tulle princess-y dress, the type I never thought I would buy for her. At the party she would say,
"Thanks for coming to the princess party" to everyone, who would just look at her and either smile or wince.


Paige said...

Caroline melts my heart. Especially when she has on outfits like the one with the petticoat. I think I need her.

little dresses said...

Hey hun! Thanks for the visit! Your kids are so cute, I love the coat.

Jenny said...

How funny do words like 'ridiculous' sound coming from such small people.

Through the Looking Glass said...

I love hearing the things other people's children say - it is all so random yet perfect. "Ridiculous" - love it! Caroline looks like a Madame Alexander doll; she is absolutely gorgeous.

Okie Okasan said...

I second the comment about Caroline looking like a Madame Alexander doll. She's adorable! And I love the story about your rescue party.

The words "caw-co-late cake" have become a fixture at my house, said by me, almost every day (which is coincidentally how often I would like chocolate cake for lunch).

Thanks for putting me on your "visit" list! I'm honored!

Cherryskin said...

Your kids are gorgeous! And the coat is indeed lovely.
I tried to email you, replying to your comment on my Jap. mags post, but it bounced. Email me at magter @ (minus spaces) and I will reply! :-)

Josie said...

Your kids' quotes are my favorite posts. They are so funny - and you're are such a good mom for recording them so they won't be forgotten! They are so beautiful.
We're so sad we didn't get to see you before we left - - I guess this just means you'll have to come visit us in Jersey!!

Molly said...

Whit--so so funny! I love what little people come up with but rarely remember to write things down. You're smart. My 5 year old Cort is really into the word "perhaps" these days. (eg."Perhaps I'd like some chocolate milk.") Go figure...