Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Things I am eyeing this week...

So tonight I am finally moving Joey into his crib, yes almost 6 months after he was born. Before Eli was born, my uncle made me this beautiful cradle, all wood, even the mechanics of it. It has been one of the most cherished gifts I have ever received. I love this cradle, it fits nicely into my room, the babies have all been in it for 5-6 months. I am always a little reluctant to have them move into their crib. I love having them near, I love having them use this gift, I am lazy and want to be able to feed them right when they wake up.
So, tonight's Etsy review is on the beautiful baby gifts.

She's Crafty is the beautiful shop with knit gifts. I love this little hat, I love the face of this gorgeous model. What I love more is that she has the pattern for this hat on her blog, http://shescraftyness.blogspot.com/ . Plus another pattern for some booties. What I like more than free patterns? Buying the finished product from a talented gal.

Eli has two small blankets that we call his bees. We have two of them because if one ever got dirty, it was not good. He still, at the age of five, sleeps with both of them. He has to have them when he is upset. The great thing is that these little blankies travel well. Itsy Bitsy Babies has some beautiful made "bees". Give these as gifts, even better than one is two identical blankies.

I am totally into this particular baby clothing item lately. I have bought some of them and LOVE them. Caroline has some pink ones with skull and bones on them - she wears them to dance. Joey has quite a few pairs. I love them because here in Utah, the weather is a little unreliable this time of year. He wears them to sleep- easy to change diapers, under shorts-it's a little chilly but not enough for pants, plus when he starts crawling these will save his knees on our hardwood and tile floors. I recommend Fate Goddess' shop.

I think this is a great idea. These bundlies from Kozy Niche look comfy and cozy for a little baby. Plus they are shaped like little stars, how cute. You just put your baby in and they stay warm, and look super sweet doing it.

I just found this shop, Apple Blossom Baby, and I must say I love it. A chime ball? These balls are stuffed and have a little chime in the center that makes a sweet little sound. Great for rattling or tossing. What a great gift. Cute burp clothes too.

Oh, and I think these baby gifts are so perfect. My mom has been making these kind of plates for years. I think my friends have babies just to get a baby birth plate. These that are in my shop right now aren't the personalized ones, but they can be ordered. Sorry to put the plug in my store, but I love these plates like crazy.

And every gift needs to be beautifully wrapped. Erin Ruth's shop showcases her art design talents. Have a look.


Sheeps Clothing said...

Isn't that kid just the cutest? His hat is pretty adorable as well.

Corrie said...

ohhhhhhhhhh so many great things to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!