Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things I am eyeing this week

While getting the blue dye for E's costume today, I walked past the Halloween aisle, that was less Halloween and more CHRISTMAS!!! So in honor of that, how about stocking stuffers or gift ideas for less than say $20?

I love these gloves from jmaccknit's shop. This design on them is beautiful. Is that a Fleur de Lis? Love those. This designer doesn't use a pattern for any of her wares. She has been knitting or crocheting since she was eight. Who wouldn't love these for themselves or a friend? Check out her hoodies - they are beautiful. I just visited her blog - amazing. Have a look at her silk and felted scarf. This woman is truly talented. Whoops, this is my only item over twenty dollars, I promise. I just loved them too much.

MirrorGirl has taken licensed work from great artists and featured them on mousepads and coasters. I love the idea of these - different, not commercial home touch.

This shop has pouches, wristlets and totes are great prices. Great color combinations and fabulous fabric choices, the wristlets would be great gifts in a stocking or with something fun like earrings inside. Have a look at Wooden 45.

Want to be fashion and eco-forward? These bags from littleoddforest are both. Made from durable and washable polypropylene, you can fit groceries, gym clothes, rocks, lots of pens and pencils, beach stuff into these large bags and reuse, reuse, reuse. There is a of products in this store - from purses to tank tops to cushion covers. Great things for your home, other's home, shoulders, soda cans.

I just noticed these purses from aszichild. This Tangerine Orange and Moss Green MaLu tote is fun to look at, and probably better to use. Totally handcrafted and lovely to the eye, you can see the individual, hand-stitched details. And the price is beautiful too.

Jewelry is always a fun item to receive. There are a lot of amazing jewelry artists on the Etsy site. I think I have done other posts about some of them. I love this idea from Lily Baubles. They take images and put them into a glass charm pendant. What I love more is that they customize them. You can add them to a chain, or even better, a charm bracelet. It would be a beautiful gift for a new mother, or to do all of you siblings for your own mother.

And I must add these kitchen towels from PataPri. This gal, originally from Tokyo, became a graphic designer and then after taking a silkscreen class became addicted. And now we have these towels. Plus she designs lots of great fabrics.


Paige said...

Whit, what are you making for Caroline's Halloween costume? She's crafty!!! Thats what the beasty boys say about you. I love the little silver picture charm!

Jenny said...

There are certainly some lovely ideas here. Good luck with making your Halloween costume.

Brit said...

Fun to find your blog! Keep up the cute work. =)

Pezlady said...

Hey, I tagged you because I want to know more about you! It's the 7 things meme. All you have to do is tell us the 7 things in your blog and then tag 7 other people. Hope you can do it!!