Monday, September 3, 2007

Piccolo Earrings

I love these earrings. They come in a couple different sizes of circles and squares, different lengths also. They are so completely light-weight. It is a very mysterious secret as to what they are made of, but not the kind you have to worry about, just the kind you are grateful for because you get to wear these totally different and great looking earrings that you can't even feel.
I don't there are any two that are alike, some may be similiar. I wear mine and love how light they are. Below is a picture of me wearing the smaller circle pair. Now, it may be hard to tell how big they are because I have an unusually long and graceful neck (or as they called me in college "Jack in the Box") but these are petite. There are different lengths and sizes. I have two pairs of the bigger circles - they are probably about 1.5 inches. Both the front and the back have a contrasting pattern.
My talented cousin Erin is the gal behind lobe. She is selling them locally in Utah at all the Whimsy locations (Salt Lake, Park City and Draper) or you can contact her at if you are interested. Her company is called Piccolo Designs - yes very similiar to Piccalilli Designs or Piccalilli too - but she named her's before she knew what our business was called. She was an Italian major, has lived there a couple separate times. I believe Piccolo means little in Italian. All the names mean is that great minds think alike and another reminder that we are related. If you would like more information about this great find, you can leave a comment here or email her directly. And I should add that they are between $16 and $20. Not too shabby.


Erin said...

Thanks Whit! You are so nice to post these, I feel honored to be recognized on your blog. You are sweet to mention them, I will have to design a special "whitney" pair just for you! Thanks again, call me later. Love. Er

Parker said...

That is so fun that Erin is making these earrings. I had no idea and they are so cute! You have such a fun blog Whitney - maybe if I check it often enough I can become more stylish like you!!