Tuesday, September 4, 2007

E Flips for Kindergarten and Soccer

E is quite the gymnast. He has been doing flips since he was 3, and back flips since last year. Of course, all of this is on a trampoline. My mom has been wanting me to film it so that she can watch it. There is just one quick one, and his sound effects are awesome. I think my camera obviously needs a larger memory card.

Update on the hair. My new hairstylist wouldn't cut it. She said she would if I was dead set on it but I wasn't so she didn't. She cut a couple inches off and darkened it quite a bit - that's right, I am not a true super dark brunette, just don't tell anyone else.

I'm off to write a check to the "free" public school system we live in. E starts Kindergarten tomorrow, he is thrilled. He had his first soccer practice tonight and met 8 new kids, all of them are in his class. We picked out a "First Day of School" outfit, he didn't care as much as I did. We packed his backpack, he told me what to put in his snack pack. I told him I would walk with him there and come and get him when it was over. He told me not to worry, he'd walk with the other kids on his own. So maybe I won't cry too much when I drop him off after that comment, he obviously isn't going to miss me!

While at soccer practice, C met a little girl named Rosie (love this name, and this girl! Her eyes are as big as quarters) who will only wear dresses - just like C. They had so much fun together. And J got licked by a dog named Ruby.

Hope this video works.


Paige said...

I have been checking your blog faithfully for the new sassy bob I was expecting. But I'll settle for a backflip from Eli. I can't believe he can do them already. Bless his little flipping heart.

Corrie said...

how cute are those backflips! he's so springy!!!!!

I'm not ready for Keira to leave home yet and thank goodness we have uniforms over here...no fights over what to wear!!!now don't cry too much mummy