Thursday, August 30, 2007

Flashback Friday!

This weeks theme is music. I have a short history with music, and of course, I wish I had done more to learn it. But I must tell you about one of my piano teachers. I don't remember her name, but her image is seared into my mind. She wore those house dresses (almost a mumu) with dark brown nylon stocking that only went up to her calves. And I could swear she had fangs and horns, but it gets a little fuzzy there. She was so mean, she would belittle me and my little brother. Then if we missed a key she would crack our knuckles or heads with a ruler. My mom didn't believe me until Joe (my brother) backed me up. If only I had had a nice teacher, or at least not an evil one, I might have been someone, I could have been a star!

And, I have no pride because I am going to show you why I kept my mouth closed in some of those group flashback pics. I had some crazy teeth, but hopefully those perfectly formed ringlets distracted from them.

Oh, and wish me luck. My friend Taunya of Taunya Elise Jewelry (formerly Elie B.) who makes AMAZING jewelry, asked me to put some of our Nursing Aprons in her booth at Swiss Days in Midway this Friday and Saturday. So 25 new aprons were whipped up in the nick of time. Yes, they are similiar to some other nursing aprons, but let me point out the important differences. Piccalilli too's are made from quality 100% cotton in the most fashionable patterns. There is 12 inches of boning at the neck so that you can see the baby, the baby can see you. Instead of terry cloth sewn into the corner of the apron, Piccalilli too's has a hook near the neck that snaps a terry cloth into place, used for those errant milk sprays or spit up. You can detach the towel (which comes with the apron) and wash only the towel, and not the whole apron (unless, of course it is needing a wash). Check out some of the aprons. So take a look at my shameless self-promotion, which will hopefully sell like crazy and if not it will be in my Piccalilli too shop. So check them out, and Taunya's jewelry (and she had some cute backpacks and totes) or if you know someone who is going up there to have a look. The fabric I used is from Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Moda. These pics represent just a few of the aprons.

Check out and see the feature she did on me and my store.


one little acorn said...

I also learned the piano though unfortunately not a pic in sight to prove it! My teacher was an old man who wrote the letters beside the notes. Needless to say I never learned to read music.

He always said I should have been a ballet dancer given the length of my fingers! Go figure! In hindsight he may well have been commenting more on my piano playing skills!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Good luck at Swiss Days! Brandon can't understand why I want to go and keeps saying, "But you're not that kind of crafty..." Your aprons are darling, and if my "girls" weren't retired, I'd buy an apron in a heartbeat.

Cherryskin said...

Um, there's nothing wrong with your teeth! Don't all kids' new teeth look a bit big in their mouths? All the kids' I know did/do. And you have gaps on either side before the new side ones (I'm not a dentist) grew. Seriously, you just look like a gooooorgeous girl who is growing her adult teeth!

Christian said...

I have been trying like crazy locate Taunya's web page. I bought some jewelry from her at swiss days and my mom loved it and wanted to also buy some. Do you know her web page or a way to contact her if you do that would be awesome. My phone # is 801-407-6226 or my email is