Thursday, August 23, 2007

Flashback Friday!

T-Shirt is the theme for this week. You know, those good ol' 1970-80's tee's that were always catchy, iconic, or advertising something? Now they are all the rage again, selling as vintage at Target.

I am pretty sure that this shirt I am wearing, circa December 1977, is a cabbage patch kid. Does anyone think it might be something else? It is funny because we are getting a big girl bed set up in Caroline's room this week and I had to go through some boxes to get to her bedposts. In one of the boxes was my two old CPK - Roberta Candy and Theodora something or other. Theodora is wearing some bikini I made from her, handsewn with added safety pins. I'll have to post some pics later. Also in the box were the three barbies I ever owned - Barbie, Ken and Skipper with their own horses. Barbie has bandages on her hands because they are a bit chewed. And, I think someone should make wigs for Barbie. Mine got an unfortunate hair cut sometime in 1986. And, Strawberry Shortcake was in the box and all my Glamour Gals. Anyone remember those? Anyway, Caroline is in heaven.

Here is my brother and I at Christmas in 1979. Sam brought belly shirts in. He is the t-shirt wearer in this one - good ol' cookie monster (although, if you read my previous post, I should be wearing this shirt!). I'm the cute one. Cute purple crocheted vest by Mom. I still have my stocking that my mom made for all of us. I have since made fantastic ones for my family.
And lastly, just squeaking in summer of 1985. If you read my "tagged" post, you know I have never been to Hawaii, my parents have plenty and I have this shirt from one of their trips. Does anyone else remember this cat? I swear she was everywhere. What I love is that I am trying to look all deep in thought and I am sure that I knew my mom was taking this picture. This is in our great backyard that I have told you about. It was so lush. I wonder if I still have this shirt. I wouldn't doubt it, since I have only just become someone who can get rid of things (except Barbie, Ken and Skipper, CPK Roberta and Theodora, Strawberry Shortcake....)
I am considering posting a pick of my toothy self since I explained to you all that I was all teeth from about 8 until... basically still. I will maybe work up the guts this week and then all of you will understand.


Precious Quilts said...

You were/are such a pretty little girl!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Great pics. Love those Christmas stockings. and of course your "serious" look.
Get game and show those teethy photos.

Cherryskin said...

Love that blue vest!!

Melanie said...

Beautiful Pictures! I love your blog! Cool things you are "eyeing this week" as well!

Adam said...

Hey Whitney,
I had been away from my blog for a while, so I just saw your note. It is great to hear from you. Not only do we apparently have blogging in common, but I too have been eyeing that pink frilly blouse from Boony . . . or was it ruffly. Anyway, I hope all is well with you.

Josie said...

Hey! I had that same cat shirt - I think it was the #1 souvenir from Hawaii in the 80s.