Saturday, August 4, 2007

This week

Our week began at the aquarium. We went with our friends the Snows. It is by no means a great oceanic site but the kids had fun, so that is good. Eli starting throwing up at 10:30 that night. He threw up every hour until 7am. He was a champ, wake up, go to the toilet, throw up, then back to bed. Poor kid.

Then by Wednesday he was up and ready to play (I don't think he was fully recovered, he just can't stand to be out of the play date field for long). We went up to the pool, he didn't like the rapid rate that his Spiderman popsicle was melting (or Caroline taking bites of it, not licks).

Thursday I was downstairs editing a pattern for my mom's new quilt that she designed. And then I had to photo edit - so out of my league. So obviously I was at the computer for a long time. We had one of great thunderstorms while I was down there, I came upstairs to see how things were going (my husband is extraordinarily capable, more so than me, when it comes to parenting). I walked into our front yard to find the two oldest kids in the gutter, sitting, soaked. Caroline saw me and came to me looking like she had just been dunked. She had grit all over her, on her face, in her hair, in her chattering teeth.... Eli considered this his bath.

Friday day I went to lunch with an old friend and got to see her in a new role, new for me to see. It was fun, the kids had a great time. It was great to be able to talk with her.

Friday night we went to my in-laws family's home in Deer Valley with some friends. It was fun, the kids squabbled and laughed. Our newborns ate, spit up, slept. It was fun had by all. Caroline had her most favorite breakfast yet - a popsicle, cookies and popcorn. Yes, Dave was in charge of breakfast.

Joey is becoming Mr. Entertainment. He loves to be talked to, tickled. The new spot is just barely tickling his cheeks with your fingernails. He loves it.

This is Dave relaxing, and looking quite handsome up at the condo. Yes, people say that my kids look like him, but I'm holding out - he is from my gene pool.

Eli took this picture of me, one for posterity.
All in all, a fun week, minus the throw up. Now I am off to make waffle batter for my friends get-together tomorrow. Then maybe sleep.


Lacey said...

Your kids really are darling! I think Eli might have some photography genius in him! If you've got a good waffle recipe ... fill me in!

Paige said...

I too love the pic that Eli took. Joey is so cute. I want to hold him, and squeeze him kiss his little neck. And that pic of Caroline is so funny. She still looks beautiful covered in muck...

Through the Looking Glass said...

It was great to see you and visit on Friday, though I can't believe a)my kids were being so wild (actually, I can believe it, but not in front of company!) or
b)that I forgot my wallet! It was great to catch up and I love that Eli and Max became fast friends!

At Whit's End said...

Lacey,It is the best waffle recipe! Take a look under my july posts, it is the first one - the one with Joey's blessing. I posted the recipe at the bottom. Hmm, delicious. Light and crispy.
Paige, you would have laughed at my kids all soaked.
Amanda, it was a lot of fun. Although, let's get together again sans kids - love them but can't concentrate as well. And let's get together again with them. E and Caroline had a great time - thanks.