Friday, August 10, 2007

Flashback Friday!

I love this, these pictures are burned into my mind, I am not sure why. I was three or so when I as my cousin Nancy's flower girl. I remember being at the wedding. I am the youngest girl cousin by lots of years so I was a flower girl a couple of times. The theme for this week is fancy dress, so here is my cousin in her fancy dress and me in mine. I am pretty sure my mom made this outfit for the wedding. I especially love the lace apron and the knee highs. I forgot how cute knee highs could be on little girls. I remember being so excited and nervous to be the flower girl. I probably didn't have any job to do, just wear the dress, but as a three year old, standing next to a princess, it was Heaven.


summer pickles said...

Oh, look at your face in that first photo!!! You look so excited to be with the bride! (and you look so cute!)

I love the knee high socks with the cute shoes as well - I did the very same sock/shoe look in the early 80s and loved it.

Don't you love flashback friday?!?

Have a gorgeous weekend.
Hannah xx

Corrie said...

oh you look so cute! love your little dress too! My mum made both my flowergirl dresses...since I've never been a bridesmaid I'm so glad I as a flowergirl!!!!


one little acorn said...

Oh my God - look how excited you were to be standing beside the bride! And so so cute!
Great pic - Jacinta (the other Flashback Friday Flowergirl)

HipKid said...

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All the best

Theresa said...

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claudine said...

Aww, what a cute little girl! You look so cute in that dress!