Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Things I am eyeing this week...

Hmm, let's get dressed. Where are we going? Where ever you want, just call me and I will meet you there.

I love this ruffle bib pink shirt. I think it would be great for a maternity shirt but even better with skinny jeans. boony is where you can find it - she just listed it today. This shop has great tops, all boho-y. Everything looks super comfortable.

This sweater from BlackRabbitNYC would be perfect for any fall or winter thingy you have. I love this shops photos - very high fashion. And she does couture if you have something special in mind.>

This shirt by treehouse 28 is great now in the warmer weather and I think even better layered over a long-sleeved shirt. Treehouse 28 has so many great options, I love their hemp ruffled skirt also.

I love t-shirts, any kind, but I especially love the ones you can find on etsy. Here are a few, and it was hard to narrow it down!

Circular Accessories has silk screened shirts for everyone in the fam. Love the onesies, love the men's shirts, love fleur di lis (from the college days), this squirrel hoarding shirt is awesome. >

Pregnant? Want to tell someone you are? Miniblisscakes has all sort of stuff. This shirt lets people know when you are due and helps remind your husband, too. They have shirts that say "not finding out" or "tickled pink" plus the cutest shirts for tots.

Maryink's shop is one of the first I ever found on etsy. I love their designs, colors, everything so take a look. This red shirt is one of the first items I ever hearted on etsy.>

harrilu, once again great things for kids and adults. I love this poppy tee, they have a great astronaut t, one with a bunny. Take a look, so many great things.

At charlie and sarah they have these flashcard t's. Fun way of teaching us Yank's the proper term for things in England. I admit, I love a British accent - wish I had one, and maybe these t's would help me feel a little more British. Or they would just totally out me as the Utahn I am.>


Paige said...

I love love love the pink shirt. I think I might have to have it. I love the poppy tee too. I love how you find all the cute stuff for me.

Your pal said...

my heck, i am loving your blog!! it is seriously funny who you find in this blog world. i'm glad you found me! you and your family are gorgeous!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Brilliant find here - thank you for sharing! I do a similar thing myself, but with a general 'texture' theme.

Sara x