Monday, July 9, 2007

What would summer be without water?

It is HOT!! The kids change into their suits at least twice a day to go out and get wet. They end up getting wet even when they aren't in their suits. Caroline likes to "water" my garden, but she just ends ups carving our mud with water.

****Caroline just walked in here and said "Happy Birthday Mama! Bye!" and walked back out. It isn't my birthday.****

Caroline came out of her room with her slippers and sunglasses on wanting a popsicle, so her dad gave her one and let her eat it in the living room!

Eli got a slip and slide for his birthday, we use it everyday and now our lawn looks like it is dead!

Caroline has only worn shorts or pants 3 times since summer began and that was to bed, she only did that because her favorite nightgown was being washed. Dresses all the time for this one. Dresses that end up covered in mud.
Eli can't just smile at the camera, he has to pull a face or do the football player pose - you know the one where their chin is up, thick necked, looking tough? I erase them all, yuck!

My first red tomato. Each year I say I will only plant three plants. Each year I plant 6 or more and then there are the volunteers from years past. But I love them and I love to make salsa.

Oh, I hate snails! What do they do for your garden? Does anyone know? They are eating everything! So I am killing them. I don't feel really bad about it either.

Before I had Joey, I planted rows and rows of peas, a few different kinds in a few different locations. The only location that did well, and always does well was the East garden.

The kids love to pick and eat them, I don't think that they realize they are healthy. They are now kaput, but they were really good. I am going to plant some more in the fall, I've heard that sometimes that works. Has anyone had any experience with this?


Paige said...

Oh Whit..Your kids are even cuter than I could have even imagined. They are so perfect. You were always perfect yourself. The infamous Whitney...

Stephanie said...

the kids are ADORABLE!

shannon said...

That Caroline is SUCH a Caroline to me! The name totally fits her! What a sweetheart! Your kids are so stinkin' cute!