Friday, July 20, 2007

Let me paint you a picture

"Oh My Goodness". I must say this all the time because Caroline has made this her new catchphrase. We have been trying to introduce the idea of potty training to her. She likes the idea, but only the idea. So today while at Target, "Oh my goodness!" I hear. I find Caroline with a package of princess undies. There is one for everyday of the week. We bought them. Fast forward to this afternoon, after a quick shower (too hot outside) I put her diaper on her and then go to attend to her little brother. The she comes downstairs with a turquoise bow in her hair, a white tank top on, her diaper with six pairs of undies on. And of course on her feet, her Zoe slippers. I don't dare put the picture on the blog, to protect the innocent, but here is a small snap of it.

Really I am trying to avoid my motherly duties. The kids are sitting right next to me playing on on the laptop. I just need to check out for a minute. Dave has been on a 55 mile bike ride for the last few days and I am looking forward to his return any minute. I am coasting. So I will document a few more things.

These are all pictures of my children's foreheads. What do all have in common? My children are all born with major cowlicks. They get stronger with age. Even Caroline with long hair has one that is prominent. Joey's is just in the beginning stages.
Another random thought to put off making dinner. I bought a Bumbo for Joey today. These are the funniest little seats. I think Joey will like it. He holds his head up really well, and I think he wants to be up and looking at the kids where the action is. We'll see, it may end up being a waste of money. Has anyone else used one of these?

This one of my favorite pics of Eli. He doesn't always photograph well, meaning it doesn't ever show how he really looks. He is the cutest kid. I have probably snapped at him one too many times today, so now that I have had my time out, I will go and be a better mama.


Lacey said...

I think those pods are the funniest things! Every time I see a bean propped up in one I can't help but laugh. I'm thinking about investing in one myself .... let me know how it goes.

Emily said...

Hey, Whit...I'm glad you found my blog! Rebecca was telling me to check yours out and see how darling your kids are. Seriously, they are! I just had to throw in my two cents about the Bumbo...I got the same one for Charlie, and I think it's been a great investment - just one more place to plop him when you need your hands free! I hope you like it!

Through the Looking Glass said...

I too used a Bumbo, and Tallulah loved it, though she is a brute and by the time she was 5 months old, she could totally arch herself out of it. Yikes!
The underwear cracks me up - my girls are obsessed with their undies and spend more time in them and nothing else than any of the cute clothes I buy them. Your kids are beautiful and look just like you.

Melissa said...

Hey Whit,
So fun to see your kids. They are adorable with beautiful tan skin like yours. Were you thrown for a loop with your third, or was it just me. I thought it would feel pretty similar to having two. Ha! I loved looking at the beautiful things you are making.

Josie said...

Jeez, I feel so behind - you have so many fun posts!!! I flippin love those cow-licks. Tiana's new little nephew has the EXACT same one - hilarious. Bumbo talk: love 'em. My favorite use is converting the kitchen sink into a bath-tub by sticking the bumbo in it. That means no back pain and sore knees- or babies bonking heads! He looks sooooooooo cute in it....!