Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gilmore Girls scenes

So I have a void in my life. It isn't really affecting me now, but come the fall, it will be painful. I am addicted to Gilmore Girls. I love the quick pace, the pop culture references, the interaction between all the weird yet lovable Stars Hollow residents. The coffee, I don't like it, but if I hung out there, with them, I'm sure I could drink Diet Coke all day with them. I love Luke, I can't stand Dean, I love Rory with Jess. I even really like Logan. I can't get enough of the whole show. Luckily, reruns abound on The Family Channel. It drives my husband crazy, I think with jealousy. I especially love Lorelai. She makes funny faces, says funny things. A friend of mine, who watches tv dvd's while she runs, got hooked on this show a couple of years ago. She said it made her not want to run, but sit on her couch, drink coffee and eat things like donuts, pizza rolls and nachos- all at once!

Sadly, the CW decided to cancel it after a 7th season. Everyone was reporting that it would be back for one more season, a shortened one, but one more. And yes, the last season wasn't as good as the previous 6, but it was still better than most of the shows on TV. Then, Wednesday, May 16th, it was officially silenced forever, except in syndication.

I know that a certain relative of mine will make fun of me for this post, but he will admit it is one of the best shows ever to be on the airwaves. And he probably, come the fall, be a little slower in his step, a little hunched in the shoulders, come Tuesday nights.

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shannon miller said...

I'm so glad you are also a Gilmore Girl! We have every season on DVD! Plus, Todd hates it! He thinks they talk TOO much and that it's "annoying." Oh, I love it!