Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Happy Birthday Mom!!!

A few things that make you so wonderful

1. People celebrate your birthday with lots of fireworks, which you hate, but everyone else thinks is cool.
2. You think your grandkids are the best kids ever.
3. All my friends look up to you and admire you.
4. My kids always want to go to Oma's house.
5. Without you, there wouldn't be me, no Dave, no Eli, Caroline, Joey, none of the great things that make up my life.
6. You are way too capable for the average person, it is inspiring.
7. You are a hard worker.
8. You are compassionate.
9. You are innovative.
10. You can do many things, but math isn't one of them, so your perfection isn't too overwhelming.
11. You are detail-oriented.
12. I would be lucky and famous if I was 1/20th as artistic and talent as you.
13. You love me and like me.
14. You say the word "lovely".
15. You married Dad.
16. Your laugh.
17. Your mom.
18. That you are the type of person who has the type of friend who loves you so much that she wakes up early on a holiday to put 60 stars with your attributes on your lawn with a bouquet of flowers so that you can wake up to it on your birthday.

19. You make beautiful gifts.

20. You have painted Caroline's room in a way that is so beautiful and special, we can never move.

21. You are an amazingly special and needed person in my life.


Josie said...

I think my favorite is #10....Susan is so down to earth. She has always made me feel so loved and special. I love her wit and sense of humor. Really an amazing woman - so talented - and you inherited it Whit!!!

Paige said...

Now I need to see pics of Caroline's room. Your mom is the cutest. She totally helped me with my quilt, and I was feeling helpless without her.

Paige said...

Wow...That dress is amazing!! I absolutely love it. And I can't wait to some day have a house and baby girl.. I would love to paint on the walls. So cute. Your mom is the best...