Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What is this wet stuff falling from above?

Some have said it is rain. I barely remember it. We had two storms over the last two days. What a relief. I love summer rain storms. Barefooted, running around, standing in the gutters. My kids were inside and heard the rain on the roof. They grabbed their umbrellas and binoculars (to look for more clouds) and headed out front. It was a warm rain.

Eli grabbed his butterfly nets and he and our neighbor were catching debris in the gutter. That would have been cool when I was their age, but now, it was a little gross.

The next day we had another little storm. Eli and Caroline once again grabbed their umbrellas. My neighbor and I stood underneath our garage while his daughter played with my kids in the rain. Dave came out with a large umbrella, to which Eli pronounced "I have a great idea..." and went running back into our house. This was the great idea: An umbrella hut. Emma added to our 4 or five umbrellas with some of her own.

I need to learn to think like a kid again.


Paige said...

Love the rain...Love buying cute umbrellas...Love your kids. Don't let Caroline forget about "fun at water Paige".

three buttons said...

Maybe you could hunt down a Flashback Friday umbrella pre 1985 photo for tomorrow! I wish I had an umbrella hut.

belleandboo said...

That umbrella hut is such a good idea, we have too much rain here in the UK at the moment, I'll wish some of it your way
Mandy x