Sunday, July 29, 2007


My mom has talent. She is one of those gals that when I was growing up, would make matching pajamas for me and my best friend, just whip it up for the sleepover that night. She has knitted since she was 3, she can paint, draw or mold anything. It comes so easily. Ask her to draw a hippo for my son, 5 minutes later an amazing hippo that is book-worthy.

Anyway, she has published a couple of books. This one in particular, I love. It is called Surface Applique for Quilting even though it isn't so much about quilting (for some reason this is what the publishers chose to call it), it is more about making things with wool felt. I don't even think that there is a quilt in there.

There is this ottoman, kind of a garden of felt flowers for your living room or study.

This is actually a recreation of my brother's house. It is pretty fantastic, especially in person.

Another project is entitled Three Birds Panel. My brother has always had a thing for ravens, so my mom did this for him.

There are about 26 projects in her book. I have this one hanging in my family room. It also had a fish-mobile to go with it, that is great for my baby.

I just like to look at all the things in this book. Great ideas for paper and mixed media projects. It shows you how to do it by hand, machine or trusty adhesive, so a good mix for all skill levels. Applique for quilts could be used from this book. It is a fun book to get ideas from, to learn from and to just stare at. Yes, I am a little biased, but I wouldn't associate with it if it wasn't good (mostly kidding there).


Paige said...

Whit..Linds told me about this book a couple of months ago and I totally need it. I want to do applique by hand. I fake it on the machine. Oh and where do you buy wool felt? Is that a dumb question?

Josie said...

I LOVE the wool applique book. I have an autographed copy and everything in it is so awesome. I love the fishies so much. I've tried a couple things in the book - I just practiced with cheap 10 cents per sheet felt because I am seriously an amateur sewer. I think I'm ready to move to the next level...bring on the wool felt!