Saturday, July 28, 2007

Things I am eyeing this week

Think knitting, crocheting, needlework for this week.

These bloomers by Sheepy Time are so cute, or as Caroline calls them "bwoomers".

I really do believe a world exists that there are knitting bunny-like creatures that work with a lamb and create like this, Elsita just illustrated it for us.>

I can knit, sort of, but cannot count the stitches. Once Upon a Hook has solved the problem for me (Hook can knit, I can enjoy it).

If we had known that my oldest would wear out three pairs of cowboy boot galoshes by the time he was four, we would have had these on him at birth. Togs4tots >

Isn't this lovely? This shop has some amazing items, all gorgeous. Coccole di Lana

Now, off to bed. My husband and I went to "Live Free or Die Hard". It was so farfetched and completely entertaining. It wore me out. Oh, and look at my Treasury at Etsy. More of my favorites.

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Paige said...

Those bwoomers are too die for. Oh and the cowboy boots..Love them. I actually love everything you posted
I gotta explore this website more if it has stuff like this on it.