Wednesday, April 8, 2009

People are strange

The lovely gal that I do the we chirp blog with has a very important friend. I have been following Justin Hackworth's photography blog for a few years. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he and said gal are great friends. Since then I have been scheming to have him take my picture. Last year he did a little project called 30 strangers. This year he is doing it again, but with a twist. 30 days of strangers, with a mother daughter connect. So today Caroline, my mom, my grandma and I all headed down to Justin's studio. We are no longer strangers (yay!) but not before he took our photos.

I have discussed with Raydar Love the fact that most of Justin's photos seem to have a more serious look to them (or at least his subjects do). I asked Justin about it and he agreed. He wants to capture expressions that (and I can't remember his exact words) the viewer has to figure out what is behind the look.

So here are a few of his photos of us today. And I'll tell you a little about what I was thinking.

"I hope my eyes aren't bugging out of my head like they so often do in photos."

"I can't believe I am back in Provo and actually enjoying myself. I wonder who lit the Y mountain on fire July 21st 1999 (or was it 2000?)?"

Caroline is thinking, "I wonder when I can eat more strawberries and broccoli? My favorites. And when are we getting ice cream? I love ice cream. Is there such a thing as broccoli ice cream? There should be."

And truly, because I admit to being a bit shallow, I was thinking, "Now everyone who sees this will see my proboscis, plainly, plain as the nose on my face." and "I can't wait to see how these will all turn out." and "When can I do this again?" and "I probably should have worn black." and "Do you think he knows how exciting this all is?"

So Justin, thank you. It was thoroughly enjoyable. You are wonderful. To see more, and to follow it every day, go here.


leandparkermakes3 said...

Whit, you look beautiful as usual. I love these photos. It makes me miss you and your mom. Tell her hello for me.

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

These are great - I'm so glad you got to be one of the 'strangers'. I wonder what grandma was thinking . . . I can only imagine. I think it is so cool that all 4 of you made it down to do a shoot. The pictures are beautiful.

Angel said...

How awesome to have a 4 generation photos. Priceless. You look beautiful in every one but my favorite is the 1st with Caroline laying on your shoulder. You can see the love in both of your eyes.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Gorgeous, beautiful, wish you were here...

These are lovely - my favorite is the first one which is to die for. So pretty - all of you.

Jessica said...

Great photographers! You look beautiful! How neat to have all four generations! The mother/daughter (Leah) right below you on his site is my sister-in-law/niece. He is an amazing photographer!

Paige said...

I think I'm in love with you. Do you want to marry me? You look so beautiful in that top picture. And Caroline...dream come true.

katie t said...

these are simply gorgeous!

you are simply beautiful as is your daughter!

i'm with paige...i think that i'm falling in love with you :)


whit said...

Thanks everyone. I can't wait to visit Justin again so we can see all the photos he took. I loved it.

Jessica, I love your sister-in-law's photos! Gorgeous. I am obsessed with this, but can you ask her what mascara she uses? Mine attacked me right before the photos were taken.

Paige, I'll marry you, Dave would be in heaven. So would Caroline. Eli might be confused.

Hogans said...

So pretty Whit! You and funny. Yours looks good.

LC said...

These are so awesome and will be so amazing to have down the road when Caroline is grown. You look ABSOLUTELY beautiful as usual. I love the pic of you and your mom - I want to know what your mom had to say about modeling for this - I'm sure she had something funny to say. And mascara - after the We Chirp post about it I have become obsessed. I didn't think I could wear anything but KissMe, but I bought the Clinique kind you recommended and it doesn't hurt my eyes. It's hilarious that I'm 29 and I feel like I just learned how to wear makeup. What a dork! xoxo.