Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter was a good one this year. I tried to make it less about the baskets and while succeeding at that, we didn't do a great job of making it more about the true meaning. This touched me. I need to do better at focusing on what truly matters.

The pic below is prior to church. Joey wasn't going until after his nap. So we snapped a few after. Caroline is a huge fan of her sponge-curlied hair. She just sits and bounces while looking in the mirror.

We did do a little party for Joey's birthday with my family while at Easter dinner. Joey was way more interested in cupcakes than in his gifts. Loves those cupcakes. The kids were so excited for him and opened his presents while he watched on covered in his sugar-sweetness. Did I mention we love this boy? He is too funny.

I forgot to mention some speak of this week:
"Mom, do you what is so serious about Easter?" asks Caroline.
"No, what is so serious?"
"Yes, Easter wolves. They coffee (copy) the Easter Bunny and hide beautiful eggs."
"Mom, is that true?" asked Eli.

On Easter Caroline told my dad that the night before the Easter Bunny jumped on her head when she was sleeping. Later that night, I asked her more about it. She said the Easter Bunny jumped on her head, waking her up so she looked at the bunny who apologized so Caroline went back to bed. Eli said that it couldn't have happened, Caroline stands by her story. Eli then asked, "Mom, is that true?"
"I wouldn't doubt it."


linds said...

your kids are so cute...i love all their scruntchy smiles.

Paige said...

Oh I loved having my hair in pink sponge rollers. I think I still wore my hair like this in high school although I used some updated rollers. Did I mention how much I love Caroline? Where did you get that jacket? It is TDF to the max.

Marisha said...

I never would have remembered this if you hadn't written it but I asked Caroline about her Easter and she also told me the Easter Bunny jumped on her head. That girl is too cute!

Through the Looking Glass said...

I've got to get on the sponge curler bandwagon. I can't believe how many little girls I know who'll sleep with them in - so surprised.

The boys in orange; absolutely darling. And Caroline, I once saw the Easter Bunny when I was 7. He was 6 feet tall and wore a blue vest.

katie t said...

these photos are simply darling and their outfits are so stinkin cute! way to go! and yes. me too. i need to get my k to wear these rollers!

um...thanks for sharing that piece. it is always nice to get a reminder and to do a self check...