Saturday, April 11, 2009

One year older and wiser too

Today is Joey's 2nd birthday. We started out with a fun neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. I asked Dave if he wanted me to go with the big kids or Joey. He told me I better be with Joey because the big kids areas are cut-throat. I don't know if he was thinking I wasn't up to the challenge or that I may be too competitive. In any case, I stuck to the toddler yards. Joey had a great time. Eli and Caroline did also but it is Dave that really gets into the hunt. He spends a lot of time really combing over the yards, making sure that the kids haven't missed anything.

We weren't planning on celebrating too much today for Joey because with Easter tomorrow, we can do a little something at my mom's but his Oma and Opa decided to come over. They gave him a big dump truck that he spends at least 10 minutes with every time we are at target. And I let the kids give him a Mickey Mouse bubble blower. Both things made him yell "YAY!!".

Where do you go for a 2 year old's birthday? A Vietnamese restaurant of course. It was super yummy - La Cai Noodle House. The place is clean, well lit and like I said, yummy. Even my kids at the food.

Now Joey is off to his nap. He's just getting older and older. Shocking. He is always on the go, despite his hobbly leg. Every time he sees Caroline or Eli and it has been longer than 5 minutes he gives them big hugs. He is a champ at saying NO! (or MO! in Joey speak), where is it?, what?, why?, where's Ey-yi?, Where's Carogine? and many more. A bit of a snuggler, he lets me hold him and love him. He loves to dance, wrestle with his brother, play in Caroline's room with her and follow everyone around. He is a little comedian and makes us laugh often. He just has the funny little personality that we love. Now if we could get him sleeping through the night, we'd be perfect.


leandparkermakes3 said...

Happy Birthday little buddy!

Meghan said...

yay for 2! what a big man.
i was just thinking last night as my 2 20monthers were awake half the night, that i had surely done something wrong with them to make them crappy sleepers. glad you have done it too ;). and you are even a good mom...

Through the Looking Glass said...

At our house, you sleep through the night or you cry through the night. There it is, the secret. It's the cold hard truth but worth every moment when you're sleeping through the night, too.

Tell me more about this restaurant; is it near us?

LC said...

He is such a little handsome sweetheart. I can't see it being easy to ever tell that face no. Happy Birthday Joey!!!!