Sunday, July 13, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

Just a few things I have seen on etsy this week. And, I'll warn you, I'm going to use the descriptive word "beautiful" a lot tonight, my vocabulary is still in hiding.

Look at all the special details in this Birdhouse Brunch Brooch by Cheri Lewis. No secret that I love birds, but I love the little particulars, the cat, the flowers.

Again, it is all in the details. The artist, San Fran 67, has a lot of paper sculptures for sale. I really like the colors in Owl Tree No. 2.

These Glowbowls are magnificent. I want some in my living room, in my bedroom and outside on my patio. The rest of Diana Fayt's shop, one black bird, is beautiful too.

I have two stamp blocks from India in my house, I think they are so beautiful, I would love to see what they were used for. I love this hand carved block that was used to print on fabric. You can see it in Creative Rags store.

My aunt would totally love this bug 6 from burrowburrow, it is just quirky enough. The other little sculptures in the shop are really fun.

I think this Kid Alphabet Print would be great in my playroom, or our "toy room" upstairs. I love the bright colors and whimsy. Lucky Paperie is a great place to find other colorful prints and beautiful stationary.

Another place to find some superduper prints is in Jessica Gonacha's shop I love this gocco print You Are So Loved - another one I need to hang somewhere in my house - maybe above each of our beds. I also really like the one that says "You Are My Sunshine".

And of course, there is always a bag that I am eyeing. I like this Kite Bag by acajou. Her bags look different and well constructed, including the clutches.

This mask (and others like them in the shop, abigail brown's) are perfect to add to your dress up box. There are quite a few to choose from, I like them all.

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