Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My mom gave us this old, Italian iron and glass table and chair patio set.

I re-upholstered it and now it is cheery and bright and Dave is trying to understand the colors.

Then, my parents trimmed up their Lindon tree and from it my mom and I made this:

In my head, for years now, I have wanted to do a screen of some sort here, but I have been looking at it all day trying to decide if it is magnificent or laughably awful. I think it might be a little of both. But, it is a new look for our patio.

And the kids are pretty mesmerized by the glass and copper and such. And I kind of like having no rhyme or reason to things.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Oh, that table set is magnificent! I love the mismatchy. The screen is different, but different good - like different but artsy, or creative, or unique, or all three. However, HOW in the world will your kids not climb that, chop that, tear that down? My kids would be on that like white on rice!

Anja said...

I like the screen! I would hang some flowers, butterflies or birds on it. For some colours.
The parcel has arrived safe on my address! Thank you very much. This is my first giveaway prize so it is extra special!

linds said...

i also love the screen...different is good.

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

I like the screen! It makes me think of those surreal paintings/drawings where lines bend and move and don't make sense but you can't figure out which one is out of place at your first glance. Hopefully it is durable enough to last through 3 kids this summer.