Friday, February 8, 2008

The Name Game

When our daughter was born, Dave and I could not agree on a name, which is no surprise. With Eli, we couldn't even come up with a name we both agreed on, and didn't have a list at all but an hour before leaving the hospital we both (I) thought Elijah was a great name.

With Caroline, I had liked the name since I was about 5 months along. It was never a name I had ever considered before. I kept it in the back of my mind. I am not a gal who can decide the names of my children before they are born or even conceived, I always just call my babies in utero Baby. Dave was not digging the name at all. But he didn't have any alternatives. Then, while in the hospital, he was pushing a little a couple other names. Both names that I really like. But I still wanted Caroline. No one else wanted it though. We left the hospital with Baby Girl. Finally, after a few days, we named her Caroline. Dave struck a deal - we can name her Caroline, she is not to be called Carol, Care, Carrie, Carolyn and so on AND the next girl is named one of these two names that he had suggested. He thinks he won a battle, but I like both those names and would use them anytime. The bad part? Eli couldn't say his r's or l's. He can now, but Caroline is working on it. At least she can spell it.

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