Saturday, February 9, 2008

100th Post, 100 things I am Grateful For

It is my 100th post and I have been thinking a lot of what I am grateful for. For the past while I have been writing these things in a journal I keep in my car and pull out when I am waiting in a line, picking up kids or whatever. This is more for me than anything and in no particular order, I am grateful for:

-a husband who loves me

-a husband who loves his kids


-my birthing body


-snow tires

-Eli's kindergarten teacher

-tried and true friends

-a "new" friend that already feels tried and true



-my brothers

-summer thunderstorms

-the first crocus, daffodil or tulip of the Spring

-creative people

-inspiring words

-educators, all sorts

-really good books

-really good children's books

-really good illustrations

-the color orange

-heated car seats

-open car windows in the spring


-fantastic music, the kind that makes you want to move or feel

-good friends for my children

-dates with Dave

-good babysitters

-couples that we both love to be with


-good Indian food


-skim milk



-my college education

-my college experiences

-trying experiences

-emotional and spiritual growth

-my in-laws - all of them, parents, brothers, sisters

-nieces and nephews

-a home

-our public school system

-good schools in my neighborhood

-the "village" who helps raise my kids, you know who you are

-apple pie

-all sorts of ribbons


-visual inspiration

-peas picked right from the garden

-a healthy garden

-good genes

-modern medicine

-modern technology


-good tv

-people who aren't just like me, thank goodness

-healthy children

-energetic children

-curious children

-a little girl who won't wear anything but dresses

-a little boy who has just learned the funny face he makes is an ace in the hole

-a big brother, that last night was overheard telling Caroline, "I'm your big brother, so I take care of you"

-a brother who can tell when his little sister is processing something in her mind and might need to talk about it

-dear cousins

-a dear aunt

-shopping carts that my two older kids can sit in, together

-really great paper

-really great prints on fabric

-the people who create the great paper and fabric collections

-a washer and dryer

-dinner with my girlfriends

-warm laundry fresh from the dryer

-a warm summer night, with just enough breeze to keep the mosquitos away so we can play outside or just sit with neighbors and laugh at our kids playing

-a passport

-my hands

-good water pressure in the shower

-cooking a good meal

-keeping in touch


-side-splitting laughter


-good kid music

-dancing with my kids

-digital cameras

-inspirational teachers

-my blogging friends

-new connections with old friends

-instant gratification

-not so instant gratification

-clever people

-clever ads

-thought provoking conversations

-thought provoking reading

-sincere people

-good shopping



-a job done well


-considerate people

and I think I just went over 100, that was way too easy and I could go on and on, I am a lucky gal.


Through the Looking Glass said...

You are lucky - great list! Your family looks to die for in that picture at the end.

angie said...

Wow - I'm inspired. You just made me think of so many things I forget about on a daily basis. Your family is just too adorable!

LouLou said...

that was beautiful....I might do the same when I make it to 100.....Its nice to reflect on the good,hey?

katie terry said...

Through a friend, I happened to find your blog and wanted to tell you that I love it! Thanks for your view on things and your positive outlook and energy! It reminds me to be grateful and humble :)