Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My brains on toast

For pretty much the last 10 months, probably much longer, I have felt like my mind isn't exactly what it used to be. Like scrambled eggs. Chalk it up to 6 years of less than prime sleeping (although, I probably had less all through college and still managed to pull great grades and go go go like the Energizer Bunny) and not being in my 20's any longer.

For Christmas my gal Cori gave me a bunch of cards with verbal challenges. Some of them make my brain completely shut down and I have to "reboot" but I must persevere - can't let my brain go to mush... must push on...

Want to try one? Leave me your comments and I'll post the answer later this week - and if you are right, you get a gold star... sorry, that's all I got.

What two opposites can be spelled by rearranging the letters of UNGOODLY?

I haven't looked at the answer, so I am going to work it out and probably be wrong. I get called a smart a** more than a smart gal these days, so...


Jenny said...

Young / Old !!!!
Please tell me it's right 'cause I can't believe it took me so long to get it. I need more as I'm obviously loosing all brain cells.

Corrie said...

oh i hear you! sometimes my spelling is terrible ( I want to write atrocious but know I'll spell it wrong!) and its because I'm just out of practice! I've read one book this year cover to cover and that beats last year!

you're not alone and I'm not going to attempt that answer!