Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

I am going to get the Valentine's fun over with. I love V-day, it is so refreshing after all the hoopla and over-decor of Christmas.

Look how great this little love tree is from gypsy and twink. Totally appropriate for Valentine's day but I would probably keep it up all year. See all the detail on the base?

I always am looking for something for my little gal. This little top from Petalouda (which means butterfly in Greek, butterflies remind her of her village in Greece) is so sweet. Check out the shop and her Valentine section.

This artist from Anholt, Phanta, just joined and started adding to her shop this week. This is a charming illustration, I look forward to seeing what else she adds to her shop.

I am always looking for a unique and not the usual cheesy Valentine's day card. I think this is quite funny, and I really like the one with the lady riding a rocket. You have to see all the cards in Love Dog Card Company.

I like this metalsmith's shop. I have always loved jewelry with hearts on it, especially little hearts. Pretty Nervous has a couple pretty little heart pendants. I really like the Heartbeat Pendant.

I want to go and visit the place where this soap and washcloth is made. The store is called Seven Acre Woods, they are from Kentucky and raise alpacas and angora rabbits. I think this soap and washcloth would be the perfect little gift for a little girl or one of you girlfriends.

Like I said, I like unique cards. This artist at Two Guitars makes gocco prints in his spare time (when he isn't behind a camera or directing a shot). I like his Valentine-y cards in his shop right now, like this Love Record card.

You have to read the profile of the shop Made in Lowell, it is quite funny. I really like this little wool heart pin. I am always a big fan of felt wool and besides this pin there are great felted flowers and jewelry.

And last but not least, one of the most talented papercutters/graphic designers (she did my banner) I have ever encountered..... Cindy Mindy Pindy. She finally filled her shop that has stood empty for the last year with her fantastic papercuttings. She says she is a cutter, but I don't think she means the kind that they do the afterschool specials after (and wasn't there one of 90210?).
And I finally did see Juno and LOVED IT!!! It was superb. Sorry you missed out Cindy!


Cindy said...

Dang it! I'm sorry I missed out too! I probably won't see it for forever now. Thanks for featuring me!!!!!!!!!

Liz (made in lowell) said...

Thanks for featuring my little felty heart pin, this is a great list! I'm especially a big fan of twoguitars and his other shop, suchandsuch.

Jenny said...

JUNO - wasn't it great! It's the first movie in ages that had me laughing out loud. Ellen Page was wonderful. I'll have to see it again to catch the bits I missed 'cause everyone in the theatre was laughing too loud.