Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

I am trying to make a date with myself. Actually, it is with 2 other women, but still.
I really want to see Juno, but the nights we all can get together just aren't quite the same. This puts us into possibly two weeks from now - ridiculous!
It isn't as though I never leave my house, I can, I do. My husband is absolutely wonderful in encouraging me to have "ME" time, and I do take advantage of this. I have a book club (usually, we have kind of turned it into a meet for dinner group because for the most part we are all too tired to read right now, this will change), a Bunco group (yes, we play, it is all in the wrist), and the odds and ends of a coupled social life, but I often have guilt. For instance, this week I went to breakfast for a friend's birthday on Monday, helped in E's class today, Bug has a well child check on Thursday morning, Saturday we are having friends over but I feel like I have imposed upon D's work schedule too much this week to leave him at night. Next week there is Bunco night, so do I dare leave the fam again to see this great show that Dave will never see with me?
D has lucked out in many ways with me, if I do say so. I really love high action films. The other day I visited our local Redbox location, D telling me to get whatever I wanted to see. Yeah, right. So I got Transformers and Hairspray. I showed him Hairspray - did someone just kill his dog? That was the look I got. So I pulled out Transformers, which is fine, I sort of did want to see it. It was fine, yes the girl in it is hot, and Shia LaBeouf was fine, but sort of the same guy he was in Disturbia. I then told D I wouldn't take Hairspray back until he watched it with me. That got his attention, having to spend $3 more dollars, no way. So, he pretended to stay awake and watch it with me.
The other day, the same thing - go get whatever movie you would like. Ok, I want Waitress, but as much as I like Indie movies, D does not. So I got another action film that I really did want to see, The Kingdom, with Jennifer Gardner aka Sidney Bristow. This really was a great show. Jaime Fox doesn't enunciate well, Jason Bateman is funny, and Jennifer Gardner was pretty good, Sidney Bristow-ish with a bit of a Not For TV vernacular. The man who played the Saudi Colonel stole the show, he was incredible. The way the film showed different perspectives and didn't vilify every Saudi was great, also. It is worth viewing.
This isn't a diatribe on what D won't see with me, because there is plenty in this world he does and will do for me. But sometimes, I shouldn't even try and don't. Sometimes, there are shows that you must see with you girlfriends, because they will get it. They will sit there with a little smile on their face in all the right parts, cry in all the right parts, and then sit and talk in the car about friend stuff, mom stuff, girl stuff, stuff - the stuff you need from your girlfriends.
I digress, I really want to see Juno. Maybe I will go on my own this week, if the guilt doesn't get me first.

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Paige said...

Whit, I love seeing movies by myself and I love Juno.. I want to go again. If I was there I would go with you. For sure go this week. Don't wait for anyone. You will want to see it twice anyway..