Friday, January 11, 2008

The Frozen Tundra

Lucky for me, I find snow quite beautiful or else all this snow would just suck. Today's snow was a mixed bag of large fluffy flakes and the kind that looks like tiny styrofoam balls.

We have icicles upon icicles, everything is either varying degrees of white or varying degrees of greys, browns and blacks. It is actually all very pretty, we haven't had much of the dirty, muddy snow.

D has officially kicked me out of his office. I usually set up tables in here and night and paint or sew. Then I have to make sure it is all down before he comes down to work in the morning. The good things is, I have to clean up regularly, the bad? I have to clean up regularly. We have a whole basement the we need to gut and redo but in the meantime, we are cleaning out a room that used to be George's (the previous owner) wood workroom and became our storage room. I have been going through tons of boxes, getting rid of precious memories and useless memories. Narrowing down the nostalgia. All this to make room for a workroom for me. This is the before. Hopefully soon I can show you the after. And then hopefully the paints and the fabrics can come out again. Have a good weekend!


Erin said...

So...haven't talked to you sine 2007! Hope everything is going well, I hope the holidays were grand. I am always blog spying on you and getting all my new ideas. Let's talk soon and maybe you can come see our place soon.

love ya

Jenny said...

Just thought I'd let you kow that it was 107 degrees here yesterday so your photos of the snow were fascinating but quite bizarre. Now I really do feel we live at opposite ends of the earth!

Josie said...

can't wait to see your new work room....have you seen Martha Stewart's craft room? Check it out on her site, it's AMAZING: