Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yet Another Addiction

My arms hurt, the kind of hurt that will be there as an ache tomorrow, the kind of hurt that I can feel in my fingers, wrists, forearms and my right upper arm (nope, I don't know the name for it!). You would think it was from working today on my in-laws "farm" moving piles of earth. Nope. It is from something I can't even believe would do this to me. E got a Wii from Santa but luckily we haven't even had to open it yet, there was already one in use at the farm. Then my sister-in-law got her husband Guitar Hero III and it has been all down hill from there, a little. It is seriously one of the funnest games I have ever played. I have also been playing a lot of Wii tennis (my nephew has a mean forehand). I am not going to buy guitar hero for our family until I get a few things done at home - this will be my incentive. How ridiculous is all this? Now I need to go and get some Advil for the ache and a massage from D for the cramp that is happening between my right shoulder and right ear.

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Josie said...

Whitty - That's your new name - My step-bro got Rock band and Guitar Hero for Christmas. After playing both, Paige and I recommend you get Rock Band because everyone can play at the same time. It is the funniest thing ever and the best family activity. One dude on drums, one on guitar, one on vocals, and a bass player.