Monday, December 17, 2007

Congratulations Matt and Erin

My dear cousin Erin married Matt on Saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony and a freezing cold day. The reception was beautiful of course. I have told you about my mom's artistic siblings, my Aunt Julie being, among other things, a decorator/wedding artist. So of course, this was beyond beyond. The two sets of doors leading up the main room had their monogram on the glass, very pretty. Glittering lights on trees in the hallways. A 3x4 foot ice block with holes drilled in holding large candles at the entrance.

There was a table on the right full of candy: mint malt balls, pear flavored Jelly Bellys, milk and dark chocolate covered pretzels, green apple sour gummys, yogurt covered Gummi Bears, mint sandwiches and more. The best were the sugared grapefruit. Yum. The colors were all in chocolates, greens and whites of sorts. Oh, and suckers and candycanes. The table on the right had their guest book on it.

Her brothers are very protective of her. But we aren't worried about Matt, although he might be a little too perfect. And by the way, the handsome one in the background is available and a catch beyond belief. Seriously. Smart, handsome, my kids love him at every stage they are at, entering medicine, hard worker, artistic, photographer. You think I am over selling him, but there are about 439 more qualities that make him a catch, so I am not even scratching the surface. (Of course, Bry is handsome too, but quite married...)

The decorations were amazing. Using white birch, my cousin (the handsome, single one) cut large branches and lit them all, bundling them together, adding glittered birds, icicles, shards of glass and such. Very crisp and clean. Large cases held birch cuttings with white hydrangea, white roses and lilys.

The ice blocks were amazing. My aunt designed one with a winter foresty look, arranged it and this is barely showing how beautiful it was. Can you see the birds perched on the branches?

And of course, Erin looked beautiful. She designed her dress. It is very Audrey Hepburn. Cream silk dupioni, tea length.
I thought I had taken better pictures of the dress itself, but she was absolutely stunning.

And of course, her flower girl was too. Girly was in heaven and didn't stop dancing around the whole night. White silk gown, sparkly gold shoes, chocolate - this little girl was in paradise and had to be carried sleepily out, while protesting that she wasn't tired.

Erin, thanks for letting us be a part of this wonderful day. Congratulations.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Weddings around here get more beautiful by the day...kinda makes me wish I could do mine over! Caroline looks like a character froma fairy-tale, and your married in cousin is lovely as can be. Do we want to set up your cousin-the-catch with my cousin-the-catch, Abby?

Paige said...

What about your friend the catch Paige? Oh and Caroline is amazing as always, love the wedding dress, but the ice sculptures are too die for. I love love love them...

julie said...

pretty spectacular! you're all just so talented....

Erin said...

Thanks Whit! We just got home and I am very honored to be posted on the famous blog! Thanks again for all your help!

Much love!