Thursday, December 20, 2007

What I am eyeing this week

I was out shopping today (not for Christmas, which was refreshing - oh, I take that back, I am still trying to find a few things for E), got a new carseat for Girly and a new pair of pants for me, I went into a great store with sunlight and warmth outside. Five minutes later, I walk out to rock salt like snow and wind and lightning. What should have been a five minute drive home turned into about 45 minutes. It was crazy! Cars every which way, stupid drivers (don't stop driving on a hill unless you have to, keep your momentum!!!), scary drivers and me. Little ol' me. Luckily I am a fantastic driver and returned home to my family safe and sound.

All cozy, kids down for the night, husband shoveling heavy, wet snow, I am ready to show what I am looking at today.

So under the heading "I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOP!" here it is: Sketchbook Crafts. You have to read the artists profile, she sounds quite amazing. In any case, if you want to buy me something for any reason, here are two examples. This Pink Pleat

And I have been looking for a new wallet, so I might just have to get this one. I think the leather looks so soft and touchable.

I saw this shop while perusing the gift guide and have to say, she does make some really fun, unique, whimsical and pretty things. This Ambrosia bag from Pretty Little Things is so fun, I don't think I could actually use it. I wouldn't want it to get the least bit dirty and in my bag it would have to battle binkies, crayons, searching sticky fingers, although I could just use with my clutch from Sketchbook up above. I love all the detail this gal puts into all the items in her store. Among other things, she has press-ons, dolls, owls, and this elephant purse. I bet she smiles the whole time she is making anything for this shop.

This gal is from my area, and she must smile the whole time she is creating these baby items. Every baby needs their feet covered and Piddies has made some of the cutest slippers ever. I think Joey wouldn't ever let go of his feet if these were on them. What a great gift to give to a new baby, so totally handmade and unique.

I am also in love with this bag from Pepperhem . I love the colors, the bird, the shape. I would use it to hold everything my diaper bag shouldn't. I'm being greedy, but I really want it. Everything from this shop is hand screen-printed and/or sewn. Just look at the color. It would really enhance the fading tan of my arm. It would dress up my shoulder...

And I like the kid tee's that are in the shop. They aren't your typical baby designs but still totally appropriate and original. Look at the colors and design on this tee to the left. Makes you want to see what else is in this shop, huh?

And finally, I wish I had found this shop before I had done all my friend gifts. Anything Jot It Down would have been perfect to add to the gift. The original menu planner would have been lost on me but I do love the Original This Week paper pad. It may have helped me remember that it was an early out day at Eli's school, although the way I have been this week, probably not. But I would have written it on here. I love the colors, the potential to add some organization to my life. I also like the Original BabySitter. Everything in one place, which is how I usually do it, but it doesn't look this good. These aren't just one sheet wonders, but a whole notepad. Great monogram notepads, too. In fact, I am going to order some of this tomorrow. And she is also in my area, lucky me.

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Paige said...

I love the baby booties. So cute. And the journal is amazing. I want one right this minute. I always think that if I had a cute journal I would right in it...It's never happened. Not since my sophmore year of highschool.