Monday, November 12, 2007

My First Gift Boutique

Here is a look at my impromptu workplace and some plaques I whipped up today for a gift show I have been invited to participate in. A while ago, someone contacted me from my etsy site and asked if I would participate in her holiday gift show. She is in Utah, so this worked out great. I agreed, and then in true me-lately fashion, let her know I couldn't do it. Thank goodness for her, she talked me into it. I am glad she did, I have been wanting to make my plaques and sew for quite some time, but as all of you know, life gets in the way. So thanks to my lovely husband, he has agreed to switch places with me the next few days so I can add more nursing aprons and plaques to my small stash I already have. Thanks to Heidi's encouragement to bring whatever I have, no matter how little, I am now feeling the jitters of my first gift show. I don't expect any of you to come and buy my things (although you can if you want), but there are going to be over 60 artisans and vendors at this boutique. Please check out the Oh Sweet Sadie blog for more information including a list of participants, spotlights on some, directions to the gift show itself and more. I would go even if I wasn't involved. And thanks again Heidi for allowing me to waffle over this decision.


Josie said...

What an exciting thing! I'm sure your booth will be a hit - - all of your things are so darling. I wish I could come!

The Prince's said...

Whit! Bry and I just started a blog so add us as a link. Hope you are doing well. We will see you soon!