Monday, November 19, 2007

Heart - Barracuda (1977)

This was on the radio when I picked up Caroline from preschool. She had just come from the Thanksgiving dinner and was dressed as a pilgrim, but kept telling me she was an Indian. She heard this song and said, "Mom, it is the Indian song!". I told her the name and she keeps talking about it, Barracuda Heart. This song reminds me of playing tapes when I was little. I loved Heart and Joan Jett, Jackson Browne and Abba. I have a picture in my mind of just sitting and listening to this song and thinking Heart sounded so cool. What does this song remind you of?


Josie said...

This song reminds me of college- Court and I loved her Heart cd and would drive around blasting it in her blue Honda. That is the best song ever - CW has good taste in music!!

Jenny said...

I remember wanting a fringe that went half way around my head like the lead singers did. Thanks for the flashback. Classic.