Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The many faces of Joey

Joey. Our 2 year old. Our little boy with a big voice. He gives great hugs, throws great fits, sings songs with a great loud voice, he dances like robot, he adores his siblings and can't get enough of Eli.

Joey is following in his sibs footsteps, climbing everything. If he sees his brother or sister do it, he can do it. This is what I found looking out the window. As soon as Joey saw me he yelled "I did it!!" We hear that often, which is usually great.

Happy Joe.

Joey found some old underwear of E's and wants to wear them over his diaper, and preferably only his big boys and diaper. And he doesn't want his picture taken.

~~~let me add a fantastic story about Joey that happened yesterday at Target. Joey has perfected selected hearing. So Target is not a great experience. Either his is furious at me containing him to a cart or people can hear me cajoling him with "Joey, Joe Joe, Joseph, JOSEPH!!!" Today, within in minutes of us being here he had given himself a bloody nose. Luckily we were in the school supplies section and they had little tissue packets, so I cleaned him up best I could but still he had smeared blood all over. Then he found some oreos and opened them, ate some, then spilled them. I took them away. We walked away and I *gasp* gave him one that had been on the floor because he wouldn't quit complaining. Did I mention he is LOUD? Then, I wouldn't give him any more. He them grabbed Caroline's face, trying to conjure one out of her mouth, he is screaming MO MO MO MO (NO NO NO NO) at the top of his lungs, Caroline is crying, Joey is rubbing his bloody, oreo crusted face on her dress which infuriates her even more and then I grab him out of the cart, a little less than gently, and I hold him close (actually gently) and speak right into his ear, "joey, quit yelling at me, quit yelling at Caroline, quit yelling. Enough, done, stop now. He calmed down, but during this whole episode, a sorority sister of mine, one that I know fairly well, pretended she a) didn't know me and b) didn't hear us. EVERYONE HEARD US!!! JOEY IS HEARD, or else. My face was red, my heart was pounding and I just wanted to walk away - from everyone. But in the end, he just held me. He had a rough day.


Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

Joe looks so much older! With his hair cut he looks even more like Eli. We've all had those target episodes. I'm glad you were able to hold him, and gently! I think I might have lost it.
I know how you like to blog surf and I was doing the same and came across this blog and thought of you : http://mommyandbeyond.blogspot.com/
Scroll a few posts down and she has some sewing projects that reminded me of you - there are bags and quilts and aprons in the older posts too. Love ya

Miss(Michelle) said...

He is a little pistol...isn't he. All families need one. Makes is hard when they are so dang cute.
My fiestiest one is also the one that can melt my heart the quickest.
Good luck with the LOUD part...I haven't found a way to stop that....neither has April.
He was great on the boat though.