Saturday, July 18, 2009

About Eli... he's 7

E's birthday was a few weeks ago. Why is summer so crazy that I can't even blog about it? Anyway, this year was the no friend party year. We only do friend parties every year, which is kind of wonderful. I think Eli was more than thrilled to be 7 but it was an off day for him. I hope it isn't indicative of what this year will be. He was delighted with his toys and gifts. There is no better boy for sincerely being excited about gifts or the people who give them. He is a lover. He was delighted with the plans for the day and with seeing his Oma and Opa and phone calls from Papa and Grandma (wish they were here!).

The kid is great at smiling and being excited.

He wanted cupcakes. Really big ones, super decorated, super sugary. Happy boy.

Eli obviously got his skills from his daddy. Not me. And apparently his Oma bowls a mean game too, she beat Dave. Eli bowled a strike. A legitimate strike. No bumpers, straight down the middle, STRIKE!!! He was a little upset though because he thought it was the last one he would ever get. Okay.

Oma, putting on the Ritz bowl.

Caroline is terribly cute when she bowls. She taps her feet and wiggles her hips and then jumps gleefully where ever the ball falls. Very entertaining.

And this is how the day ended up. Mario Galaxy Trading Cards (thanks Josh's Aunt Jane for introducing us to yet another thing to collect, how can I repay you?) in hand, falling asleep mid-look. Sweet boy. He is wonderful. He tries hard, helps other, is sensitive, kind, loves to wrestle, give hugs, smile big, play with friends, loves competition, kills the soccer ball, eats chicken, hates loose teeth, loves his family, wrestles with Joey and plays with Caroline. Best big brother and first son I could hope for. Love you like crazy E.

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