Thursday, July 9, 2009

Agents and Roberts

Caroline and I just finished watching last night's SYTYCD. She calls the dances fashion dances, fancy dances or comtempo dances when she doesn't know the names. The one that won her over for the night was Brandon and Janette's Wade Robson number. I told her they were robbers and she insisted that they were agents because it was definitely agent music. They must be looking for the "roberts". So all you roberts out there, watch out.

On another note, I had Eli's portrait taken last week for a gal's photo project. Stacy is turning 28 this year and as a spin-off of Justin's 30 strangers dealio is doing a portrait a day of age 1 - 28. I love it. Eli was her age 7. How lucky for us he just had his birthday! Check out the photos here. I highly recommend Stacy and her photog abilities.


Paige said...

He is so dang cute. I love him. His cute little puppy eyes are my fave. You are getting lots of photographs lately. Lucky. I love them.

Angel said...

You can just tell what a sweet boy he is by his smiley eyes and cute grin. You are a very lucky mom and he is lucky too!

Fuller Fam said...

Whitney-- a while back I told you I would post one of Tim's memories of Joe and I never did (so sorry). Tim always talks about your brother and has the funniest stories, but this one cracked me up tonight so I though I would share it with you before I forget. He said when they were about 14 years old they were making spaghetti and had this BRILLIANT idea to add some sauce to the boiling noodles to make it more tasteful and as you can guess it didn't work so they kept adding more sauce until they were practically cooking the noodles in the sauce itself. Tim said it didn't taste any different and he claims it was all Joe's idea. Silly boys. :)