Friday, March 28, 2008

We have been going 100 miles an hour around here, compared to just 92 miles per hour as our usual.
Dave's sister and her family came into town for a week, then his brother and his family, who came for over a week, over-lapping 2 1/2 days. The kids had fun snowboarding, tubing and just playing with cousins.

I think by this time of the year, the novelty of snow and cold has warn off on us but for our family who comes from Texas, it is still fun, so the kids had a great time. Hopefully my sister in laws will send me the pictures of Eli snowboarding, I heard he was awesome (Dave forgot the camera, Joey and I stayed home for most of the outings).

My niece had a birthday while some family was in town so it was fun to spend time at her party. She had it at the Bubble. When I was growing up, The Bubble was an old rec center that kind of gave me the creeps but it is now new and improved. I went once last summer, but it was fun to be swimming indoors in late winter. The kids had a ball and were quite upset when the party was over. They want to go everyday. Happy Birthday Reags!

Caroline and I did some planting with peas this same day - I wish I could plant my whole backyard in peas, we eat them all day long when they are available. Caroline found this garden SNAKE and decided it should eat some of our peas that we were planting. Scary snake, huh? She refuses to call it a worm.

I have been spending all my free minutes in my "studio". I am having a lot of fun making plaques and more plaques for a boutique in May. I guess that isn't completely true. I have had to go back to doing physical therapy for my back AGAIN! This is good though. I want to get the pain under control and strengthen everything up the right way. It is kind of nice to work out for a couple of hours, get a massage, get some wet heat with stim, traction a few times a week. The pain is slowly getting better, but at least I am helped along the way. But then I come home, do my motherly duties and undo it all. But, all the free time after that is spent painting and such. I have been told by my doctors to not do any housework that might aggravate my back - you wouldn't believe what that includes! Dave has been great at helping me out with it. Greatest husband ever.

And Easter was great. The day before our neighborhood has an Easter egg hunt. About 2000 eggs are hidden by the 11 year olds, each family participating contributing at least 12 eggs per each of their children participating. They mark yards with eggs hidden with colored flags, each flag representing certain age groups. The kids have a great time.

Easter Sunday itself was wonderful. It was a low-key day, just how we wanted it. Caroline kept spinning in her dress, the boys looked handsome. We spent time with family, with each other and just being.

Whew! I think that catches us up a bit. Hope everyone is having a great month of March. While I have been typing this, Texas is up by ten against Stanford - hope they hold them. Go Horns!


Through the Looking Glass said...

Nice catch-up; you've been missed. Please invite me to your May boutique, and your kids look edible in that Easter picture!

Josie said...

Love the Easter green - - they are so adorable I can't stand it. Love that you hit up the bub, I hope you didn't get sick from the outrageous indoor fumes. I want to see the video of Eli shredding, he has it in his blood you know!!

Paige said...

I don't love it that you hit up the bub without me. That is where Caroline and I fell in love. The Easter green is too die for and I too want to see Eli shredding. Joe would be so proud of him. I'm going to come kidnap Caroline just as soon as I can and brainwash her that I am her favorite aunt as well. It's only fitting, considering you have no sisters.

Molly said...

your kiddos are so cute whit! when will I ever get to see them (AND YOU!) in person?!?

Meghan said...

whit - i love the easter outfits..your kids are so darling. and i love your swimsuit. i am in the market for one with full tummy coverage (post twins) where did you find?

whitney said...

Linds, I am still waiting to see it. I we told him that he could take ski or snowboard lessons and he chose the latter (I was glad), now I just need you and Ben or Tommy in town to keep him going.
Paige- we looked for you at the Bub but you were with your other nieces! Please come by anytime you are in town, Caroline and I would love it.
Molly, we'd love to get together. We can work it around napping babies!
Meg - is where I got the suit 2 years ago. I like that it doesn't ride up while I am carrying kids around. I especially love their swim skirt.