Saturday, March 8, 2008

Things I am eyeing this week...

I haven't done this for a while, not because I haven't been looking but because I look too much, too much eye candy. So here is what I have seen lately and love.

This honey bee pin by Moosup Valley Design is so beautiful. The artist created this pin from her own original engraved carvings. However, this artist is no longer making pins and such and will just be selling them until what she has on hand is gone.

Idea Farm Designs is like candy for you soul. All the bright colors, the funky arrangement of beads, brooches, vintage and costume jewelry is so much fun to see and would brighten my inner wintery soul to wear. Like this Orange Flowers Necklace - love it.

The Pretty Paige Purse in Mod Orange and Linen by Pink Posie Design is so gorgeous - I love the pleats and love the mod orange print even more. The linen base of the bag has been reinforced for extra durability. I also really love her other bags, the colors used, the way different prints are put together.

The Runny Bunny shop has so many great pieces in it, I could look and wonder for hours. I love the birds, the owls, but especially love these ceramic pears.

Momo's Retro Fashions is a lot of fun to look at. I really like Eco Chic Housewife Apron. The artist convinces me that I need this apron because clothes dryers use way too much energy and this apron will hold clothespins. "Why not take advantage of the sun and breeze, save money, and help with global warming? This apron has one huge pocket that will hold lots of clothespins which make hanging out your clothes easier! Even if you don't hang out your clothes, this apron is great for wearing while cleaning as it will hold all those little toys and items you pick up along the way." The toys part has me doubly convinced.

I love these little friends from ten finger workshop. They look like they met in Kindergarten and have made it intact to the 3rd grade. I just read their bio and they actually met in college and like Backgammon. Take a look at her other characters, like the Kind family.


Anonymous said...
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Tasha Roe said...

thanks so much for featuring my bag on your blog! I am so flattered! I checked out your etsy site and it is adorable!!
Thanks again!

beth said...

that bag is adorable, one of my favorites.