Thursday, March 6, 2008

This reminds me of ...

This songs totally reminds me of 7th grade. I am sure if I really listened to all the lyrics, my mom wouldn't be happy I listened to it in 7th grade, but oh well. For some reason I always identify this song with Chad Nestman (no, Amanda, I am not outing my H.S. crush, but Chad was a hot 7th grader, and still is not too shabby).

I love how these guys in the video have sickly bodies, lots of volume in their hair, horrid clothes and all these hot girls in the front row clawing for them. Those were the days.


Anonymous said...

Chad apparently works with Nate now. JJN

Through the Looking Glass said...

Oh, I loved me some Def Leppard in the day...Remember Poison and Motley Crue? This was the background music to our early teens! No shame with Chad - he and I had our day in the sun for awhile also, and he's still good people.

I can't really explain my strange manner of speaking and grammar in this post; I think this music playing in the background as I type is affecting my IQ.

Jenny said...


Kenny Averett said...

Hey Whit,
Here's a blast for the past. Saw your blog and thought I'd say "Hi". You've got an awesome family. Cute kids!!

Your childhood neighbor friend,

Kenny Averett