Thursday, May 14, 2009


projects. I had some orders due and an apron to give.

Hope she likes it.


Christy said...

Love these plaques, but love mine more, honestly. LOVE it. It'll be appearing on my blog sometime soon.

Do you ever sell your aprons on your etsy shop? I peek in there now and again to get one, but I never see them!

Or could I commission one? If not, please no worries at all. I won't abandon your blogs, I promise!

Marisha said...

I meant to email you to tell you that we all (meaning my mom, my mother in law, and I) LOVED the plaques. Everyone was so excited about them and even better I picked out right. My mom loved the flowers, my mother in law got the one bird, and then I got the 3 birds. They are so beautiful. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

whit said...

Christy - I may be putting some in my shop. I create in spurts, mostly because my family suffers if I don't come up for air. I'll let you know. Glad you love your plaque.
Marisha, glad I could be of service.

The apron is a little long on me, even longer on my friend who is a wee bit shorter! I told her she could use it for a peek a boo skirt!

Hogans said...

You are so talented!! Love them all!!

Through the Looking Glass said...

You are a craftsminth/craftsperson/craftess. So talented and such an eye for color and print.

Love my apron, love my plaque, love you.

Tim, Crista and Addy said...

I wish I could have the amount of creativity you have in your pinky!! Really though, I need a plaque for my cookie cutter, military home in Delaware! I am coming to visit my mom while my hubby is deployed....hopefully I could see you! :)