Saturday, May 9, 2009

At One With the Flowers

Ok, I'm finishing up a bit of projects so I will be catching up. First morsel?

This is what Caroline wore to school yesterday. I am quite certain that she wore this same dress on Wednesday, but does it matter? And who doesn't want a star on their forehead?And while we are talking about Miss Caroline, last week as I was washing the outside of our windows Caroline really wanted to help. I told her that it would really help if she would go around to each grouping of flowers and encourage them. I told her that they loved to be spoken to, involved in conversation. After she took a couple of strokes at the window she walked around our front yard and this is what I heard:

Tulips, you look wonderful today.
Flowers, great job growing.
Plants and flowers, thanks for being in our garden - we love you.
Oh tulip, that is a beautiful shade of purple.
We'd like to thank you for all you do to make our house look pretty.
Keep up the great work.
Plants, your green looks wonderful.....

It was really quite mesmerizing.

Save the cheerleader, save the world.


mamabear said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, WHITNEY~! Thanks a bizillion for being such a loving mom to Eli, Caroline, and Joey. Love all the pictures of the family. Please say hi to your mom and grandmother.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Caroline - come to my house and talk to my flowers, my laundry, my kitchen and my back fat. Encourage them all to do something positive. Then let me adopt you.

Miss(Michelle) said...

Gosh that girl can catch some air...forget dance get that chick in gymnastics...esp with those fantastic head stands.
Your flowers do look beauty-ful...if only that trick worked on all my dang weeds...then all my cursing wouldn't be in vain.