Friday, May 29, 2009

Am Mom, Doing Fine

Don't worry. Things are fine. In fact, they are super fine. I am a realist, with a mix of cynicism. I know what I am doing it hard, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I think some people are uncomfortable listening to a rant. I know we should all make lemonade, but sometimes I want to throw the lemons against the wall before I add some sugar. Oddly, when I had written that last post I was past frustration and was actually calm and reflective at that point. Ahh. Enough about that.

School is almost out. We have some fun things lined up but we have some serious needs. Eli has taken swimming lessons since he was 2. He is still not water safe. It is the one sport that doesn't click perfectly. We must get this over with. And Caroline needs it to.

I'm to the point now that school has been in too long. I am ready to have Eli home more, even if it means we butt heads. Caroline can't wait to have him around. She told me the other day that she loves Eli the best. Don't worry, I'm not bitter. I just wish she would spread some more constant love to her little brother. My kids are actually quite good to each other. They rarely purposely hurt each other. They really look out for each other, are the first to defend each other and right now I am on the phone with the parent of where Eli is playing and Eli and friend are in the background wondering if Caroline can come over and play. Today at E's school I took pre-birthday treats and when we walked in the class all yelled "Joe Joe" and Caroline went and sat next to E's best friend. Life is good. They love each other. Even better, they like each other.

Eli's teacher wrote us a Thank You note thanking us for sharing our most precious commodity with her. She went on to tell us about how she has enjoyed watching him when he learns about science, how she is in awe of his athletic ability and so on. I know she wrote a note like this to every parent, but the specifics were so thoughtful. I know next year I will love E's teacher but truly this teacher has been spectacular. She is fresh, new, kind and observant. She doesn't let the kids leave without a high-five or a hug (I think the option is given but they all choose a billion hugs).

So this summer, I will try to play more, be patient, encourage exploration even if it means it is messy, be an example of kindness and use more sunscreen.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Atta girl, you're back in the saddle. Let's get together with the kids at the park and drown our stresses in DC and good conversation.

katie t said...

me too!

...except for the sunscreen part!


Paige said...

You do not need help. I know you. Love Caroline's dress in the post below. Can I just take her off your hands. Pretty please.