Friday, April 11, 2008

I walked in the bathroom and saw this

Caroline had gone inside to get Eli's friend a bandaid. In order to reach them, she put aside all thoughts of danger to herself and got them out of the cabinet (not shown) above using a precarious method of recovery.

I put the kids to bed and made this

Dave is out of town on a boy's trip (have fun golfing honey) and after the kids had a nutritious meal from McD's, I ate salmon and an artichoke. Dave won't have to smell any fish, the scent will be gone by the time he gets home (hope you are having a lot of fun sweetie).

While eating I began to watch this

I just started it and decided to work first and then finish it. I love it so far. Love Keri Russell.

Checked in on Charlie and saw this

and am giddy with love for this little boy who is working so hard and inspiring so many.

Been singing birthday songs all day to this boy
I love him so much, it is hard to believe that he is one! He loves to make us laugh, loves to "wrestle" with his brother and sister, loves to give me loves, loves when he sees his daddy, loves to reach for his Oma and loves being outside. Even though I think his teeth may be bugging him, he was quick to laugh today and quick to cuddle up to me. One year old... it goes by too fast.


Meghan said...

love the post. love the artichoke (i often fix dinner for the boys and eat an artichoke myself), love charlie and that you care so much. love E's outfit. what a darling boy... and speaking of darling. i loved that suit - i would get it if i hadn't already ordered this one -

Tim, Crista and Addy said...

I didn't realize they were so close in age either! What a cutie he is. You think she's an Axenty?? She's a TOTAL Dennis to everyone else but looking more like me they say. Wish I could see you before we move to Delaware, I'm leaving around the 28th or something. If you see my silver Accord at my mom's...totally stop! Take care!

Adam said...

Is your mom Oma too??? Maybe I'm the only one in the world that doesn't know this, but where does Oma come from? My parents told us it was from Russia, but we would have believed anything.